Top 100 Android Apps Of All Time

The team here at The Path Untaken have decided to make a list of the top 100 Android apps ever made (so far) wether theyre free ones or paid ones.

But we need your help. Tweet us (@officialTPUT) with your suggestions or comment on here and we’ll list it.

Then we will tweet and post each suggestion for votes. The ones with the most will make it onto the list along with your twitter name.

We look forward to your suggestions

Sky to launch an internet based TV service


TV provider Sky ( has just announced it will launch a new internet TV service which will be available to anyone in the country with a broadband connection. Sky is aiming the service at the 13 million UK households who don’t currently subscribe to pay TV. This new service will have access available via “PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, games console or connected TV.”

It will offer Sky Movies on demand joined by sports and entertainment options later, with access based on either monthly unlimited subscription or “pay-as-you-go” pricing.

As far as the company’s basic services, it will continue to develop its existing Sky Go product for it’s standard pay-TV subscribers so this will be another competitor for firms such as Lovefilm and Netflix.

Blackberry Messenger Music Review

Well I’m a keen user of the blackberry mobiles and every now and again blackberry bring out something they promise to be the next big thing.

And in this case its ‘Blackberry Messenger Music’. The whole point of it is that you get 50 tracks to pick and to share with your blackberry messenger contacts and the more contacts you have the bigger your play list is (as every contact you have on the app gives you access to their music).

This is all good and great when you have a massive contact list but your relying on your contacts to have the same liking music as you. Many a time have I been listening to the player while on the train and Justin bieber comes on (quickly skipped thro in my defence). But the large amount of my contacts have some good music (best was eye of the tiger coming on while I was out running).

I’ve find the whole app to be good and worthwhile especially being able to store your tracks (and your contacts) music on your blackberrys SD card for when you have no network.

But now for some bad points. For a start you pay £6 a month to have just 50 tracks you can pick at any one time. Thro you can swap up to 25 tracks a month from your playlist. But still your relying on your lists to have music you would listen to.

But still its worth having a play while its free (blackberry are giving a six month trail)