England Keep My Bones Review

I thought I’ll write a small review about Frank Turners latest ablem called ‘England Keep My Bones’. For those who don’t know Frank Turner is a singer/song writer who’s main musical genres covers Folk, folk-punk, hardcore punk and also alternative rock. You can also follow him on twitter (@fthc).

So onto the review…

Frank Turner is has gained what can be described as a cult-like following in the UK (and also aboard) over the last few years by mainly his folky punk anthems that have touched (and also people can relate to) a generation of fans that perhaps his songs in his old band (Million Dead) never could.

Also if you have ever lucky enough to have been to one of his live shows. You’re generally be surrounded by a very diverse crowd who will sing back every single lyric to every song he belts out from behind his acoustic guitar.

Saying that I firmly believe that there is a Frank Turner song for every emotion in this life, it feels…’real’ is the best word I can think of.

So his newest album: ‘England Keep my Bones’

This album has been very long-awaited by his fans and gained much excitement with the release of tracks such as ‘Peggy Sang the Blues’ and the anthemic ‘I still believe’ (one of my favourites) which were released on BBC Radio One. The sheer beauty of a Frank Turner songs is that by the end of it, you feel like you’ve known it for years and can’t help but to sing alone. And with his catchy chorus which are surrounded by verses that make you sit back and think ‘you know what? He’s right!’

On my first listen to England Keep my Bones. I was a little underwhelmed as it slipped my mind that I’ve felt the same about a lot of Frank’s songs before, but giving the album another chance I realised it was exactly what I was looking for in a Frank Turner album and carry’s on so much from his other albums such as ‘poetry of the dead’

Lyrically there are line after line you can imagine on the people’s facebook status or even the tattooed skin of music fans around the world. There are many catchy anthems surrounded by sombre lyric driven tracks as Frank Turner goes through songs about his Grandmother in ‘Peggy Sang the Blues’, his love of England in ‘Wessex Boy’ and the is also a history lesson ‘English curse’ , his love of Rock N Roll in ‘I still Believe’ and even all the way down to the atheist anthem that is ‘Glory Hallelujah’

Frank Turner fans won’t be disappointed with this offering, but if you listen to them it’s hard to think that the guy could do anything wrong at all.

Frank Turner is simple back to basics and his very passionate style gives everyone a reason to ‘still believe’.

You can buy ‘England Keep My Bones’ on Itunes and other outlets