Top 100 Android Apps Of All Time

The team here at The Path Untaken have decided to make a list of the top 100 Android apps ever made (so far) wether theyre free ones or paid ones.

But we need your help. Tweet us (@officialTPUT) with your suggestions or comment on here and we’ll list it.

Then we will tweet and post each suggestion for votes. The ones with the most will make it onto the list along with your twitter name.

We look forward to your suggestions

The Path Untaken: Web Design Services

The Path Untaken: Web Design Services is a new business who’s main aim is to provide cheap but excellent website design and Social Media services to the public and to business.  

We can offer the following services:
Domain Names
Email Account Hosting
E-Commerce set up and hosting
Web Hosting
Website Design
Website Make Over’s
Social Media

Our prices start from £10 (for social media) and from £40 for a basic website with a FREE domain name. To £300 for a full E-Commerce shop to be set up.

So what have you got to miss out on?

Head over to The Path Untaken: Web Design Services

Pirate Bay founders lose final appeal in Sweden

Image representing The Pirate Bay as depicted ...

It seems the Pirate Bay’s legal drama has finally come to a end in Sweden where the Supreme Court today turned down the site’s final appeal. At the center of the case are the file sharing site’s founders Fredrik Neij, Peter Sunde and Carl Lundström who have been battling Swedish prosecutors for a number of years now. After they were convicted of facilitating copyright infringement. The trio was initially sentenced to prison. They appealed the ruling in 2010 and though they failed to overturn it. They managed to see their 12-month sentences reduced by between two and eight months.

Today their final attempts were shot down with the Court’s dismissal. The fines and prison terms remain the same: ten months for Neij, eight months for Sunde and four for Lundström. There’s also a fourth co-founder involved, Gottfrid Svartholm, who has been absent from several hearings. Under today’s ruling, his original 12-month sentence will stand and the four men will have to pay a total of $6.8 million in damages. Because the case has dragged on for at least five years, however, there’s a chance that the sentences could be reduced by 12 months (bringing them down to zero), as is common in the Swedish legal system.

Go Daddy Review

GoDaddy has been around for what seems like years now having been formed in March of 1999. So onto the review…

Like a lot of other hosting companies they offer three different types of hosting, Economy, Deluxe, and Premium. They also offer many other various packages, such as VPS and dedicated hosting packages, as well.

GoDaddy does use their own control panel (Plesk), which is kind of quirky to work with, but I would just recommend that you download your own FTP client so that you do not have to use their Cpanel. Their unique control panel is not equivalent to Cpanel. However, they do offer Windows and Linux hosting. They do support Windows,SQL Server, ASP, and PHP, but they don’t allow enterprise manager connection for the SQL server. So you are required to use their interface for SQL server, which is a task in its’ self.

Performance Matters
GoDaddy is like a rocket ship in terms of speed and their uptime for their servers is better than the industries standards. Because they are such a big company they can afford to provide their customers with the latest technology.

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The Path Untaken Online Store

Today the team at The Path Untaken have launched a new online store with Amazon to provide visters with up to date products such as music, books, tech, mobile phones more unless anything.

This site works very well all you do is follow the link search for what your looking for or have a browse find what your looking for and just hit ‘add to cart’. Then you pay for it in the normal way on amazon and it gets posted to you. Best thing is the prices are one of the cheapest out there and we’ll always updating the range.

So have a look and let us know what you think.

XDnet: You stop shop for domains, hosting and more…

Image representing XDnet Web Services as depic...

Image via CrunchBase

XDnet Web Services

Us at The Path Untaken have used XDnet a few times and have nothing but praise for the team there.

So we thought to share a little post about them.

There’s not a lot to say really apart from they have a great customer service (via their help chat, facebook and twitter) And are willing to help with any problem you may have (Ours was mainly password as we’ll monkeys and cant rember them)

Also their prices are really competitive with NO hidden charges (Unlike other people) We mean where can you get a .in domain name for less than 3.50?

Below are some offers from them (they have plenty so follow our link

EU domains for only £5.00

ME domains from £25 to £10

IN domains for just £3.50 and you can save £11.50

FREE Website transferre

FREE domain with business hosting

We hope you enjoy XDnet as much as we have