Samsung Galaxy S III Get’s A Separate Launch Event

We’ve just had this in our inbox about the Galaxy S111…

Samsung is looking forward to introducing and demonstrating exciting new mobile products at Mobile World Congress 2012. The successor to the Galaxy S2 smartphone will be unveiled at a separate Samsung-hosted event in the first half of the year, closer to commercial availability of the product.”

XDnet: You stop shop for domains, hosting and more…

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XDnet Web Services

Us at The Path Untaken have used XDnet a few times and have nothing but praise for the team there.

So we thought to share a little post about them.

There’s not a lot to say really apart from they have a great customer service (via their help chat, facebook and twitter) And are willing to help with any problem you may have (Ours was mainly password as we’ll monkeys and cant rember them)

Also their prices are really competitive with NO hidden charges (Unlike other people) We mean where can you get a .in domain name for less than 3.50?

Below are some offers from them (they have plenty so follow our link

EU domains for only £5.00

ME domains from £25 to £10

IN domains for just £3.50 and you can save £11.50

FREE Website transferre

FREE domain with business hosting

We hope you enjoy XDnet as much as we have

Galaxy SIII



Looks like Samsung’s NEXT BIG smartphone just made a cameo on the company’s support pages. It has been listed as the GT-i9300. This mystery device reared its head at the Global Download Center of the United Arab Emerites site. If Samsung is to keep with its naming scheme. The i93XX would be a flagship device. (Before the i90XX line was the Galaxy S, i91XX represents the Galaxy S2 series, while the i9250 and i9220 are the Nexues and Note respectively)


Windows Phone 7.5 gets Google Calendar

Google has improved how its calendar and email services interact with Windows Phones running the mango system. Users can now cram up to 25 different calendars into the OS’s built-in calendar app.

BUT the setup’s not exactly seamless and as easy as it seems. You need to navigate your Windows Phone to the Google Sync page, login and check the boxes found there.

Also at the same Google Sync page, you can now choose to enable the “send mail as” feature if you’re using multiple addresses, with the option to delete unwanted emails instead of archiving.

Youtube streaming over 4 Billion videos…

Well it looks like google’s redesign of the hit video channel (Youtube for those who have to ask) has revealed that it is now streaming nearly 4 billion videos every day and is up 25 percent on daily views from eight months earlier. According to a Reuter‘s report, the site now has to deal with around 60 hours of uploaded video every minute. So I really hope there’s more vidoes like this to come…

Google Sky Map’s Become Open Source

Just out of share interest I went onto google’s research blog and found that they are donationing a part of the Sky Map project to the open source community.

Sky map was originally developed by Googlers during their “20% time” they get to delvop projects (things like google +, sky maps, google maps ect) The application was launched in 2009 to showcase the sensors in first generation Android handsets.

And now four years and over 20 million downloads later, Sky Map’s code will be donated to the people. And the Carnegi Mellon University taking the reins on further development through “a series of student projects.”

Windows Phone 7 SMS Bug

An SMS message on your nice new Windows 7 powered device could knock out your messaging out in a cold, a one shot kill and you can’t prepare for it.

Apparently, Windows Phone 7 devices that receive a text containing a certain string of characters will reboot and return with a non-functional messaging client which can only be restored via a hard reset. This flaw is not device-specific and has been found to affect other parts of the OS. Locking up your handset if you’ve pinned a friend as a live tile and that buddy posts the magic bug words on Facebook or Windows Live Messenger.

To fix the problem requires quick tapping fingers, as you’ve got to remove the pinned tile after rebooting before it flips and freezes the phone again.

BUT before you go abandoning WP7’s ship, just know that these sms issues are a known phenomenon and have affected all the major mobile players, iOS and Android included. Until Microsoft releases a fix, cross your fingers and hang tight.