Sky to launch an internet based TV service


TV provider Sky ( has just announced it will launch a new internet TV service which will be available to anyone in the country with a broadband connection. Sky is aiming the service at the 13 million UK households who don’t currently subscribe to pay TV. This new service will have access available via “PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, games console or connected TV.”

It will offer Sky Movies on demand joined by sports and entertainment options later, with access based on either monthly unlimited subscription or “pay-as-you-go” pricing.

As far as the company’s basic services, it will continue to develop its existing Sky Go product for it’s standard pay-TV subscribers so this will be another competitor for firms such as Lovefilm and Netflix.


Lumia 900 hits Carphone Warehouse

Carphone Warehouse is soon to be launching the dual-camera sporting Mango phone which has been listed as “coming soon” on their website with an expected launch date of June 2012.

These plans are clearly still unofficial at the moment, but you can sign up for more info from the outlet as it becomes available. The biggest question, though, is whether or not the Lumia 900 will ship with LTE on board.

Google Sky Map’s Become Open Source

Just out of share interest I went onto google’s research blog and found that they are donationing a part of the Sky Map project to the open source community.

Sky map was originally developed by Googlers during their “20% time” they get to delvop projects (things like google +, sky maps, google maps ect) The application was launched in 2009 to showcase the sensors in first generation Android handsets.

And now four years and over 20 million downloads later, Sky Map’s code will be donated to the people. And the Carnegi Mellon University taking the reins on further development through “a series of student projects.”

Absinthe A5 Jailbreaker for iPhone 4S / iPad 2

The Absintha A5 Untethered Jailbreaksolution hit yesterday. And as any other jail break it opens up Apple’s iPhone 4S and iPad 2 for more creative uses by their owners — as long as they were on OS X. Now the team has returned with a version of the tool built for Windows users who enjoy iLife mixing and matching. All the usual restrictions, warnings and directives apply.