Next Gen iPod Nano With A Camera Leaked

At The Path Untaken we don’t know a lot about this leaked Ipod Nano apart from it will have a two megapixle camera with rumers of a fall release.

We’ve emailed the guys at apple to see what they say about this device but so far no answer but as seen as we do we’ll tell you.

Youtube streaming over 4 Billion videos…

Well it looks like google’s redesign of the hit video channel (Youtube for those who have to ask) has revealed that it is now streaming nearly 4 billion videos every day and is up 25 percent on daily views from eight months earlier. According to a Reuter‘s report, the site now has to deal with around 60 hours of uploaded video every minute. So I really hope there’s more vidoes like this to come…

Apple announces free iBooks Author

iBooks Author is a free OS X program for creating books. The intent is really for teachers and other educators to produce educational materials for their classes. But Apple has said the format can apply to any genre. Aside from the free part, the real story here is ease of use, with the ability to drag and drop photos, videos and even Microsoft Word files into various templates. If you use Apple’s own suite of office apps, in particular, you can drag and drop a Keynote presentation into the docerment, and it’ll live on as an interactive widget. (You can whip up other widgets, too, though you’ll need to know Javascript or HTML.)

Beyond the main text, authors can also arrange glossaries by highlighting and clicking words, and clicking again to add a definition. In a surprise move, Apple also said authors can publish straight to the store, though i’m waiting for clarification that textbook writers and other scribes are actually exempt from Apple’s notorious approval process. In any case, the app is available now in the App Store (for OS X Lion users only, sadly) so you can crack on.

Apple has also confirmed some key approval and revenue-sharing details. First, authors will be subject to the same App Store approval process as developers. Writers can offer their books for free, or for as much as 14.99 (the same price cap for textbooks sold in the store). And like developers, authors must agree to a 70/30 revenue split, with writers pocketing 70 percent after Apple takes its share.

Windows Phone 7 SMS Bug

An SMS message on your nice new Windows 7 powered device could knock out your messaging out in a cold, a one shot kill and you can’t prepare for it.

Apparently, Windows Phone 7 devices that receive a text containing a certain string of characters will reboot and return with a non-functional messaging client which can only be restored via a hard reset. This flaw is not device-specific and has been found to affect other parts of the OS. Locking up your handset if you’ve pinned a friend as a live tile and that buddy posts the magic bug words on Facebook or Windows Live Messenger.

To fix the problem requires quick tapping fingers, as you’ve got to remove the pinned tile after rebooting before it flips and freezes the phone again.

BUT before you go abandoning WP7’s ship, just know that these sms issues are a known phenomenon and have affected all the major mobile players, iOS and Android included. Until Microsoft releases a fix, cross your fingers and hang tight.