Sky to launch an internet based TV service


TV provider Sky ( has just announced it will launch a new internet TV service which will be available to anyone in the country with a broadband connection. Sky is aiming the service at the 13 million UK households who don’t currently subscribe to pay TV. This new service will have access available via “PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, games console or connected TV.”

It will offer Sky Movies on demand joined by sports and entertainment options later, with access based on either monthly unlimited subscription or “pay-as-you-go” pricing.

As far as the company’s basic services, it will continue to develop its existing Sky Go product for it’s standard pay-TV subscribers so this will be another competitor for firms such as Lovefilm and Netflix.

New Sherlock Holmes Series

I’m never a big fan of watching remakes or book adptions to TV programs but one over the past few weeks has broken that. And that is the new Sherlock Holmes being shown on bbc.

The main reasons I love this new look on it is that its set in the modern day but still carrys on such much from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s books. And stays true to this but with the modern twist.

Sorry for the short blog but if you want to know more about the new Sherlock you can see it on bbc 1 or catch up on iplayer